Bananas vomit.

A lot happened to you during the last second or two. You experienced some unpleasant images and memories. Your face twisted slightly in an expression of disgust, and you may have pushed this book imperceptibly farther away. Your heart rate increased, the hair on your arms rose a little, and your sweat glands were activated. In short, you responded to the disgusting word with an attenuated version of how you would react to the actual event. All of this was completely automatic, beyond your control.

~ Daniel Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow

The excerpt above is a small example of what words can do to our brains. When you're trying to sell something, on a landing page, in a blog post, a press release, or even on Twitter, the words you use and the order in which you put them matter.

Good writing is not decoration; as the example illustrates, it informs how we feel when we read something. Writing “the singer had a velvet voice” rouses the sensory cortex, but writing "the singer had a pleasing voice" does not. Words matter because they inform our actions, whether we know it or not.

How do your brand's words affect your readers? How do they feel when they read your words, and how does that translate into more conversions and better sales?

That, of course, is a question for a professional writer... and you happen to be reading the words of a professional writer (what luck!). Want to learn more? You can request a quote for your project here or email me if you have a specific question.

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~ Sarah Brown, Owner at Sarah Brown Marketing (worked with Rob on

Rob is an interesting individual who is well-read and well-versed across a multitude of subject matters. His insightfulness allows him to consistently pick out interesting and relevant topics that provide informative and thought-provoking contents for my audience on a weekly basis. He is responsive, reliable, and professional in all his communication and works. I highly recommend him as a writer (just as long as you don't hire him completely away from me).

~ Henry Yeung, CEO at DailyRead