About Me

I'm Rob, a writer, email marketer, and professional wonderer. I used to write a lot in these pages, but lately I spend my days crafting compelling emails at Poll Everywhere and advocating (on Twitter, of course) for tearing the world down so we can build it up again.

I spent the first few years of my adult life in the U.S. Navy, and the next few in sales. In 2011, I decided to combine the things I love — writing, technology, and the psychology of sales — into a freelance writing career.

I started a blog called Sssimpli, reviewing web and mobile apps that added meaningful signal to the noise of the internet. Eventually, I began to offer my services as a copywriter to the developers and companies behind those apps.

Years later, I witnessed the emergence of email newsletters and fell in love with the intimacy of the medium. The universal and decentralized nature of email, its complete lack of dopamine-fueled social metrics, and its astounding ROI compared with other marketing channels, sealed my fate.

That is all to say that I am an email marketer at heart, telling stories that connect customers to companies in a way that benefits both.

If you'd like to connect, you can find me swimming in a sea of confirmation bias on Twitter, or tweeting about geekier stuff. You can also, of course, send an email.