Announcing a New Wonderisms Experience

I decided not to write a new piece for Wonderisms today. Instead, I focused on making a couple of enhancements to the site. The result is, I believe, an improved experience for my readers, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The first thing you’ll notice is there are a few links at the top of my last post, On Context. The first is Readability interaction. Clicking on the link will convert the current post into Readability’s easy-to-read format, from which you can save the post to your Readability queue, send the post directly to your Kindle, and a few other options (all of which require a Readability account). The second link is Instapaper integration. Clicking the link will simply add the current post to your Instapaper reading list (which- you guessed it- requires an Instapaper account.

The third option is to download the post as an .mp3 file. This might seem like an odd feature, so I’ll tell you how it came about. Every Thursday, a very dear friend of mine calls to catch up on the week’s happenings. Occasionally, she has had time throughout the week to read my posts, and we discuss them at some length. If she hasn’t had a chance to read them, I read them to her. On one occasion, she remarked on how much more enjoyable the experience of having the posts read to her was(as opposed to reading them on the site).

So there you go. You can now download posts in .mp3 format, if you so choose.

The other change is a bit all-inclusive. If you click the “subscribe” button at the top of the page, you’ll be redirected to the bottom of my site, where you have three options to subscribe: via RSS, via email, and now via podcast. The podcast is simply an automated feed of all posts containing an afore-mentioned .mp3 file. So, if you do prefer to listen via audio, you can now subscribe in your favorite podcast player and listen on your desktop, on your phone, etc, in your favorite podcast client. Note that I’m waiting on iTunes approval, and how long that process will take is anybody’s guess. The most exciting aspect of the podcast is that it may entice me to experiment with formats more conducive to an audio experience.

Since I must attach the files to each individual post, it may take some time before I get all of the archives into audio format. I haven’t quite decided how to do that yet- perhaps I’ll post one new “From the Archives” bit each week along with the regular, current posts.

Also note that the method I’m using for this format is not exactly standard- it took some creative know-how to get everything up and running, and I may have made a mistake here or there. If you notice one of them, please let me know so I can fix it as promptly as possible.

That’s it. Thanks, everyone, and happy reading.

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