My Contribution to 'Essays on Childhood'

Last week, Elizabeth Gaucher of Esse Diem was kind enough to include me in her Essays on Childhood project. Last Wednesday, the most personal essay I've ever written went live. Here's a small snippet, and a link to the rest:

I was twelve when I first met her, standing on my front porch with Justin, debating a potential trade between Andre Dawson and Ken Griffey baseball cards.

Engrossed as we were in the possible trade, we didn’t hear the two girls walking towards us on the pavement, finishing a walk around the neighborhood block. When I looked up, I saw an amber-haired girl of about my age with a mischievous smile ask Justin if he wanted to climb trees later that day. He confirmed as I stood, mute. Soon they walked around the corner and disappeared. I asked Justin the name of the tall girl, and Justin replied, “Jess.” I kept repeating it. It rolled off of my tongue.

Read the rest here.

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