On Miracles

*Disclaimer: this is an old post, imported from Tumblr.

I've long envied the ranks of the religious for their belief in miracles. What a truly amazing thought- to hold a true belief in that which transcends all known laws of the universe as we know it. Recently, though, I realized that my envy was misplaced. Truly, I would throw away belief in miracles, a thousand times over, for the ability to observe those tiny moments which exist within the constraints of physical law, and which inspire such awe in me.

I continually find myself amazed by the creativity of my fellow human beings. The process of creating a truly beautiful work of art, or an engaging story, or a tantalizing design from nothing more than a thought humbles me.

I'm amazed by great conversations. When one exchanges thoughts with a friend, and it seems to be that the flow of information, though coming from two sources, converges in space and time to form an idea which neither person, alone, could have imagined- it inspires me.

When I watch a colony of bees, and I understand how blissful it must be to be so focused on one task, continually, and to dedicate yourself so completely to the greater good, I am just a bit the wiser.

When I read a Shakespearean play, and I recognize the universality of the humanity contained within each character, marveling at the fact that a man five centuries removed from me could so embody the most primitive inclinations of man in such an elegant way, I am amazed.

When I watch my child learn something new, and she smiles at me so unreservedly, and I can almost see the expansion of her mind as new ideas form, I am nearly brought to tears.

I no longer envy the ranks of the religious in their belief in miracles. I'm simply thankful for the ability to recognize the miracles that constantly surround me.

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