On Bigotry

A quick thought on bigotry:

     One of the things I love about the progress of our civilization is the inevitable (albeit painfully slow) eradication of bigotry. At one point, of course, and to some extent still, a black person was viewed as somehow inferior to his or her counterparts. Now, a person that holds that view is considered a bigot. So it will be for the gay community, and I believe that atheists are next in line (by that I mean that once the gay community has gained the same level of acceptance that blacks have now, bigots will need something else to turn their hatred to, and atheism is the obvious target).
     My point is this: when I speak to someone who is full of hate for a particular group of people, my instinct is to debate them, to use reason to point out the fallacy of their belief. Obviously, this is not a good strategy- hatred cannot be reasoned with. When this happens, I find myself taking a step back and finding solace in one simple, irresistible fact: namely, that they and their kind will be written in history as bigots. It’s that simple. If you hated blacks once, or Jews, you’re now a bigot. If you hate gays now, or atheists, rest assured, you will be remembered as an ignorant bigot. Survival of the fittest, then, perhaps applies to our sense of compassion and reason as well as our physical attributes.

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